• Credit card processing for CBD Cannabis Hemp MMJ
    This is a traditional merchant account,
         not PIN-Based Debit
    Secure transactions
  • Credit Card Processor for CBD Oil
    48 Hour Funding Domestic Merchant Account
    NO Rolling Reserve for CBD Oil Merchants

Merchant Services Solution for CBD MMJ HEMP CANNABIS

CBD Merchants

NO rolling reserves

Retail Swipe Terminals

Internet Payment Gateway

48 hour funding

Domestic USA Bank

Works with Shopify, Authorize.net, NMI, BigCommerce, WooCommerce,Wordpress

Accept all cards

This is not PIN Based Debit, you will be able to accept all cards

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

Smoke Shops, Head Shops

Low Monthly Fees

1-3 Business Day Approval

No Setup Fees

High Risk Merchant Account

Credit Card Processor

Payments delivered on time

48 hour funding

No Upfront Fees

Works with All Shopping Carts

Retail Verifone Terminal with ApplePay

Dispensary, Storefront, Ecommerce Websites

Payment Gateway

Secure transactions with Cannabis Payment Services

SSL Enabled Secure Processing

Hemp Merchant Account

Competitive Rates

Domestic Not an Offshore Setup

Works with POS Systems

Merchant Service Solution for MMJ Cannabis Marijuana CBD Oil HEMP. We are compatible with all major shopping cars and credit card terminal machines. We will set you up with traditional merchant service that is friendly to the cannabis cbd mmj industry.